>Veridax - Personal Data Protection and Application Security Converged

An innovative application privacy monitoring solution based on patented technology that automatically maps all personal data flows and security issues

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>Veridax - Find your way at security maze

Problems We Solve

Data Processing

Data Processing

Little awareness of how it's processed, where it resides and how it's processed by applications

Security Violation

Security Violation

Unaccounted-for or unrecognized data flows present security risks

Cost Effective


Manual or semi-manual data mapping is expensive and time-consuming



Powerful tool as a first step toward ongoing GDPR compliance


Clear visibility of personal data at all stages: at rest, in motion and in use


Automatic and continuous scan of potential security issues on personal information data sets


Ability to detect unregulated flows in the operations and functioning of every application

Veridax - Feature
Veridax - Feature
Veridax - Feature
Veridax - Feature


Ability to catalogue and organize all personal data sets


Regular, continuous and accurate mapping updates


Centralized tool to manage security and management policies of personal information


Ability to integrate with the enterprise security systems